About Me

After growing up in a rural town south of Rochester, NY, I attended the University of Delaware where I studied Mechanical Engineering where I found passion in designing products. My education was lacking a broader understanding of product development, so I applied to graduate school.

I attended Carnegie Mellon University in the spring of 2017 where I attended classes in the mechanical engineering, business, and engineering and public policy schools. I enrolled in general business classes applied to the technology companies and startups, innovation management, and advanced business management and strategy. After graduating in December of 2017, I found my place at a startup called CleanRobotics, a place in which engineering, creativity, and business intersected. In my first year at the company, I gathered invaluable experiences in the development of the mechanical and industrial designs of their products.

Moving on from CleanRobotics in fall of 2018, I was brought on by Deeplocal as a freelance mechanical design engineer. I gained experience in developing and prototyping products on incredibly short timelines as well as working with designers to develop the industrial designs of the products. I am now looking for a product development role with products intended for larger production.

In my spare time, I enjoy documentary and skateboard photography. I shoot and design advertisements for OneUp Skate Shop in the Southside of Pittsburgh. My other pastimes include skateboarding, sailing, skiing, reading, and backpacking. I currently reside in Pittsburgh, PA.